The advantage of DigiTaxi App on the radio taxis is why the interview of DigiTaxi founder Michele Palmieri on Radio 24 the Sun during the delivery of the ICT Innovation Award Campania 2014. Palmieri answered some questions of the journalist Enrico Pagliarini during the interview about the taxi service in Italy and its prospects, and how the App built by DigiTaxi (the service is currently in a pilot phase in the city of Naples) will help to improve efficiency and the quality. L 'App using geolocation in real time allows the user looking for a taxi to link directly to the first cab available closer to the point of call with the advantage of knowing immediately (just look on the screen if there are taxis in the area), which taxi driver has accepted the call, his name and license number. The app also allows you to know the recommended route and the time alleged arrival, and at the end of the ride to valuate (from one to five stars) the service. The chance of giving a valutation to the ride will stimulate the taxi drivers to offer a service with more care so can make users happier. The options offered and the chance of giving an evaluation of the ride will improve service making it more efficient and transparent, and in the medium and long term will bring more users to use the taxi service.