DigiTaxi Services supports the taxi cooperatives and radio taxis in the process of technological innovation helping them to modernize the handling and distribution call service and to adapt their technology to that of modern international competitors

What we offer

Control platform

Application DigiTaxi Driver

Assistance and customization of the service

Support for digital marketing activities

Benefits for taxi cooperatives and radio taxis

Improve the relationship with its members

Real-time location of active taxi drivers

Automatic sorting of the taxi rides based on the client's position

Simplification of procedures and management of a greater number of taxi drivers

Automatic e manual reservation assignment up to 7 days before

Travel history with monthly data and statistics

Clients loyalty through DigiTaxi promotions

Lower advertising and marketing costs

Benefits of your taxi drivers

Increase in the number of taxi rides

Simplification of call and reservation management through apps

New innovative features

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