Company details

DigiTaxi © is an european software brand owned by Pandora Srl, an innovative start-up registered in Special Register of Chamber of Commerce No. 0900343121 with headquarters in Via Vittoria Colonna, 14 - 80121 Naples, Italy. 



General information about the service

The DigiTaxi service works with the user position location via GPS. On the map are shown in green taxis nearest available for the call. The pick-up address proposed in the window call can be modified if not correct. The destination address is optional, if indicated propose the recommended route, the distance and time to get to a destination. After accepting the call the user will be able to follow the route of the taxi to arrive at the destination. At the end of the ride, the user can leave feedback (from 1 to 5 stars). DigiTaxi introduces transparency and reliability in the taxi service by improving efficiency and quality. More taxi will make urban areas more livable (more Taxi = fewer cars in circulation).

Terms of Service to the taxi driver

The contractor taxi driver (hereinafter referred to as "User") uses the services offered by Pandora Srl in compliance with national and local law and tariff rules applicable to the taxi. The user must first register by providing true information about himself before using the DigiTaxi service. Only after registration can use the software and the service in accordance with the rules and regulations. DigiTaxi provides the user with the software and services for mobile devices internet connected, such as smartphone and tablet (hereinafter referred to as "terminal"). As soon as the user starts the application, its position will be communicated to all passengers looking for a taxi. The User will receive transport orders and be contacted directly by passengers looking for a taxi. For this purpose, the localization and identification of the user will be transmitted to passengers who have made the request. The passenger will be provided with the name and license number. For the use of the application, the User will be required to pay a cost for each call o reservation or monthly flat rate, according to the economic conditions to be established and accepted by the user. A transportation contract is a legally binding agreement between the User and the Passenger through the use of the application when you press the acceptance. The ride will be billed in accordance with the tax and tariffs between the user and the passenger. The User has no right to the uninterrupted and continuous availability of the request. However, DigiTaxi endeavour to obtain the maximum amount of requests and to repair any failure in the shortest time possible. Moreover, DigiTaxi shall have the right to suspend the service, even without informing users individually. Information in thisregard will be provided through push notifications and info on the website The User can use the service only if has all the permissions of law and local regulations governing the transportation of the taxi. The terminal device required to be installed and used in order to comply with the rules of the Highway Code. The User always provides his personal data properly and completely and keeps the information updated. In addition, he must use the application properly without damaging it. All rights are reserved it’s forbidden to copy or modify the software. The User must keep the activation code and not permit access to the application to third parties. Only authorized User is responsible for confidentiality and security of his account. Any unauthorized use by third parties must be promptly communicated to Pandora Srl. All personal data of other participants that are made known to the user cannot be treated by him or given to others. The User must update the status of his taxi (free or busy), so that passengers can always know the status of the taxi. The User agreesthat passengers can leave feedback. Passengers are required to be objective in their rating. The contract for the use of the service may be ended at any time with immediate effect and without giving reasons. The contract shall end automatically, without notice, if the User is no longer authorized to provide transportation with taxi or has committed serious violations of law or contractual agreements. Pandora Srl reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. If the User does not exercise the right of withdrawal, within two weeks of notification of the change, it is presumed that he has given his consent. The terms and general conditions may be consulted at any time in the installed application on the terminal device.

Terms and conditions of payment service
  1. Application

    1. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the provision of Services by the Service Provider (Pandora Srl - DigiTaxi) to the Clients.

  2.  Payment, refund and cancellation

    1. The Service Provider is responsible for the transaction processed by the platform. It manages refunds, cancellations and chargebacks through the Adyen Platform in Customer Area.

    2. The Service Provider is responsible for the transaction between the clients and the taxi drivers. It undertakes to transfer the client’s payment to the taxi drivers.

    3. Clients and drivers may request the cancellation of their payment data by sending a written request to or via WhatsApp (+39 3206611345). DigiTaxi will keep the data necessary for legal or tax purposes under the terms established by law.

  3.  Support

    1. The Service Provider provides the first line support for the customers, including dispute management.

    2. Contacts details are visible in the app and our website(

    3. A support service is available via app ormail.

  4. Liability

    1. The Service Provider is responsible for the screening and verification of taxidrivers.

    2. Taxi drivers are carefully selected: each of them presents licence and picture of themselves and the vehicle.

    3. The Service Provider monitors the services and has checks in place to ensure that no illegal, prohibited or counterfeit services are being sold.

    4. The clients’ feedbacks are carefully monitored by the customer care to guarantee good quality of the services.

  5. Confidentiality

    1. The service provider keeps all processed information confidential and undertakes not to disclose any confidential information to third parties.